Backwords Design Co.




Domestic Violence is an epidemic, and its cure is education. The “Us” campaign was created to educate and inform the public on healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Infographic Poster

The “Us” campaign began with a simple 18x24 inch poster detailing the statistics behind domestic violence in the United States. Utilizing easy-to-understand visuals, the poster breaks down important aspects of domestic violence into a simple, consumable poster.


Trade Book

This “Us” 32 page booklet was created as a publication to be available on college campuses. As domestic violence issues are slowly being fought, we still see a troublesome amount of cases in the 18-24 year age range. This book was created to inform through articles, explanations, advice, and heartfelt stories. The images, which have a modern and abstract aesthetic, add to the overall mood of the piece.


Poster Series

The final piece of the “Us” campaign is comprised of four poster designs. These posters are the most graphic of all the campaign assets, with an intent to shock an audience. It was important to me to create any effects in the photos in-camera. The painstaking process of painting my arm, or writing disrespectful and abusive terms on the model, allowed me to truly step back and develop the message to its fullest. These in-camera effects show a sense of authenticity.