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Soda Fountain

Soda Fountain is an all caps, vintage, sans-serif typeface sure to make your designs sweet! Soda Fountain was inspired by typography found within soda parlors of the 1950's. This typeface contains eight fizzing flavors: Regular, outline, inline, thin, and oblique versions of all the aforementioned. All of the glyphs and styles were precisely constructed over the span of one year in Illustrator. The rounded corners and smooth design mirror typography found within that era. Design from the 1950’s was pure, and it was when print design began to truly gain momentum. This new take on a classic style makes it easy to bring vintage design to the modern world.

Soda Fountain has been considered one of the “best free fonts [of] fall 2015” by Web Designer Depot and has been featured on Inspiration Hut, Graphic Design Junction, and a countless amount of top free fonts lists.


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sodafountain-title 2.jpg
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