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Tanner Puzio

Hey there! I'm Tanner Puzio, a Chicago based designer and letterer. I remember sitting on my dad's lap in two-thousand-something-or-other, just watching. Being a designer for nearly his whole life, he amazed me. I thought my father must be some kind of wizard. His designs started from nothing, and suddenly appeared on the screen. I began studying this sorcery much closer. I would shout out fonts for him to use as I sat there, injecting every bit of magic.

I began taking every chance I could to create. I attended a vocational high school, and gained experience at several internships, including a worldwide agency. Now, I am majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Motion Graphics at Columbia College Chicago.

My father continues to teach me all he knows, giving me advice to better myself as an artist and a person. Make design "more," he always says.

Elevate a design by creating something functional—something that tells a story, generates an emotion, and sparks awe.

When can design become more? When it means more to the creator, the client, and the public.

I created Backwords Design Co. to change the way design is... well, designed. I want to add the 'heart' back into design. The heart that is depleting from art, leaving it vacant of personal connection and emotion. Maybe it will be difficult to add that magic back into all design, but don't forget... I'm a wizard like my father.


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